Better Me Board Game of Growth: Self Improvement

Product Features

  • FUN Self Improvement - Group Discussions, Exercises, and Accountability
  • Significant CONVERSATION & CONNECTION - Interesting Discussion Topics & Learning
  • Real Life ACTION & ACCOUNTABILITY - Earn Points for Real Life Commitments!
  • Engage - Team Development and Ice Breaker with relatives, Teams, and Couples
  • GROUP ACTIVITY - Family, School, Coworkers, Date Night, Therapy & Counseling etc

Price: $54.95
(as of 03/24/2018 09:28 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Better Me board game utilizes a cooperative new approach to relationships and personal development. While using concepts of positive psychology, the game challenges players to consider real life action to improve themselves and their life. Additionally, it strengthens relationships by helping people connect in a way that is significant. Better Me board game accepts 2-8 players.


About Better Me Board Game

The game creates amazing conversation. Thus, allowing players to rapidly find out about themselves and their fellow players. And all within an encouraging and fun atmosphere, without any pressure or judgment. When has a game requested you to share a past accomplishment that you are happy with, or perhaps a challenge that trained you on a valuable lesson? When has a game challenged you to write a thank you letter to a family member, or provide a flower to some stranger?

Better Me board game also harnesses the strength of accountability. Any player committing to an action gets an accountability partner to help them follow through. Both players write down the action and the target completion date on their game sheet. These accountability partnerships are key to ensuring that players take action and grow. It’s a game-ified mastermind/support group!


How to Play Better Me Board Game

Players move around the game board and draw cards that prompt positive action and discussion. Players race to fulfill each of their five life areas: heart, mind, body, people, and tangibles. You will earn points by giving a sincere compliment, sharing a story of an important lesson learned, committing to empowering action outside the game, etc. It’s the new and engaging game to improve yourself, your health & happiness, and your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, all while having fun!

Who Will You Play With? Family, Friends, Coworkers, Classmates, Teammates, Social Club, Mastermind Group, Counseling Clients, Therapy Groups…

Where Will You Play? Family Gathering, Convention, Dinner Party,  and School. Don’t forget Coffee Shops, Campground, Plane, Church, and Pub…


Customer Reviews

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