Family Pastimes Max – A Co-operative Game

Product Features

  • Players interact to get the creatures securely home before Max the kitty will get them
  • Children learn how to use logic, consultation and cooperative making decisions in an exciting way
  • Awarded the Canadian Toy Testing Top Rating
  • For one to eight players - ages 4 through 7 years
  • Hand-made in Canada using recycled boards and papers, soy-based inks, water glues and safe paints

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Product Description

By using Family Pastimes Max, children learn logic, consultation, and decision making in a very stimulating and compelling approach. The theme of the game revolves around helping to get the little creatures safely home before Max catches them. In turn, an important issue to discuss is also raised: you don’t like Max catching those little ones, yet you need to recognize that he is a natural hunter. So, how do you handle this situation? Players need to think strategy and talk it over together.


Inside the Family Pastimes Max Box

The biggest piece in Family Pastimes Max is a 12 x 12″ board to play on. Of course, there are the main characters: a mouse, a chipmunk, a bird, and the tomcat Max. Also included is 4 cat treats to entice Max away from the other 3 characters. In addition to that, you will find 2 special dice.


Values Acquired from Playing Family Pastimes Max

Family Pastimes Max is intended to foster the spirit of cooperation. Therefore, the game promotes playing as friends, not as enemies! After all, the initial impulse to play the game is social. In essence, the producers of Family Pastimes Max want to advance the concept of doing something together. In fact, they wanted to divert from the norm of most games! Enough with spending all efforts trying to bankrupt someone else, destroy his armies, or get rid of one another!

Family Pastimes believe that people of different ages and abilities should be able to play side by side. They are looking for each make his best contribution. After all, it should be the case that all are together when they finish the game. Hence, all should take joy in their collaborative successes. Moreover, all should wonder how to work together even better the next time they play. Thus, Family Pastimes games will prove to be a friendly form of fun. Socialization, entertainment, academic learning, character growth, etc. Whatever the objectives, Family Pastimes invite you to realize them by cooperative means.


How to Play Family Pastimes Max

Family Pastimes Max doesn’t confront players against each other in competition. Instead, all players work cooperatively to get the little creatures safely home before Max the Tomcat catches them. That is to say, presumably, you don’t want Max to eat them! Unlike other dice, every face of the Family Pastimes Max dice has a single spot – either black or green. While green spots move the little creatures, the black spots move Max. In collaboration and consultation with each other, players roll the dice and decide which pieces to move in a game-long effort to foil Max. Youngster will always be able to save at least some of the little creatures from Max! However, children might need help from an adult in setting up the cardboard game.



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