Mixed Emotions Board Game: Cognitive-Behavioral

Product Features

  • Learn to recognize and label a wide range of emotions
  • Use chips to show intensity of emotions
  • Helps user to more accurately identify emotions
  • Cards can be used to play therapy games
  • Helps to develop empathy for others

Price: $24.95
(as of 03/24/2018 09:27 UTC - Details)

Product Description

You can use the Mixed Emotions board game for a variety of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) activities. As an example, therapists can use it to perform a “feelings check-in” activity at the start of a counseling session. The cards within the set can be added for game play. Each card presents a person confronting a situation that might elicit “mixed emotions.” Thus you can present people like children, teens, and adults – a mixture which is deemed important. Such a mixture allows players to put themselves in the shoes of other people. Hence helping players understand multiple perspectives and view-points and aids in the development of empathy. In fact many schools are frequently using this game board for counseling sessions. Also, you can use the Mixed Emotions board game and the chips without the cards for other cognitive-behavioral therapy activities.

Inside the Box of Mixed Emotions Board Game

The box of Mixed Emotions board game includes a 11×17 newly designed folding board. Also, with the board comes a set of 40 color-coded circular chips. In addition to these, the set includes 90 situation cards. Developer of this board game marked the cards with color-coded icons. These are: small, medium, and large; indicating whether the person is a child, a teen, or an adult. Hence, this helps when using them for a game play, each presenting a person confronting a situation.

The following is a list presenting 3 sample cards:

  • Child card – Max just got back from a visit with his father and stepmother. His mother asks him lots of questions about his father’s house.
  • Teen card – Brandon’s parents say the clothes that he likes cost too much. So he decides to earn the money by mowing lawns.
  • Adult card – Eva has the day off and she invites her son to go to a movie. But he says he would rather play on the computer.

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