Redmon Kids Dumbbell Set from Fun and Fitness

Product Features

  • Includes 2 bars, 4 medium discs, 4 small discs, and 4 Retainers
  • Total weight per dumbbell is just under 1 pound
  • Bar weight = 8.5 oz each
  • Medium disc weight = 2.6 oz each
  • Small disc weight = 0.9 oz each

(as of 03/24/2018 09:19 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Are you a fit mom who likes to exercise at home, but worried that your 3 year-old baby might hurt himself while mimicking you? Or are you a fit dad who fears that his youngster would hurt herself while she throws around your regular 1 pound dumbbells? Do you have a nagging baby always asking for baby dumbbells that look real? Then you have come across the right product. To begin, Fun and fitness Redmon kids dumbbell set, the least you can say is that it would promote a healthy activity based lifestyle. To help your little one get into fitness right from the start, these dumbbells are just the right choice.


Outcome of Redmon Kids Dumbbell Set

Your little one will have a blast while exercising with the Dumbbell Set from Fun And Fitness For Kids. The Redmon kids dumbbell set are wonderful for reinforcing an active lifestyle at a young with a low impact workout. Consequently, the Dumbbell Set from Fun And Fitness For Kids is a fantastic way to get your little one moving and exercising regularly. The set is suitable for 3 year-olds and up.


Redmon Kids Dumbbell Set Details

The set includes 2 dumbbells. Metal is the main skeleton of the bars. However, they are lined with foam for added safety. In particular, the foam is dense and therefore is harm-free. This product is made with a quality and safety mindset. It is very safe considering the lighter weight and the foam material. If your child drops it, then do not worry as it is not going to cause any damage to the surface. It doesn’t even make noise!

If you think that it requires some handling for setting it up, then think twice. There is little to no setup required at all. So, just grab these for your little ones and they will love it!



Customer Reviews

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